LG LED Smart Bulb Has a Party Rave Lighting Option

By Gerald Lynch on at

For LG, being able to switch your lights on and off from a smartphone, or control their intensity, just isn't enough. No, LG's new Wi-Fi connected LED Smart Bulb will also tap into the music you're playing, turning your flat into a mini Ministry of Sound.

Also accepting commands over Bluetooth, the Smart Bulb's "Party Mode" will set each Smart Bulb light's brightness in accordance with the music playing, and can even be set to blink in time to the beat of tracks playing on your smartphone, giving a strobing effect.

While the Party Mode is only an Android feature at launch, all other options (like the ability to set the bulbs to gradually come on in the morning) will be available to iOS users too. LG claim that the bulbs are 80 per cent more energy efficient than a standard bulb, and will last for as long as a decade based on five hours of daily usage.

Priced at 35,000 won (roughly £19) per bulb, the LG lights are considerably cheaper than the Philips Hue rival system. Which is great, as you're gonna have a pricey clean-up job on your hands when this lot turns up:

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