Lifechanger: You Can Bake KitKats if You've Got the Balls to Brave the Burn

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ready for a fresh taste sensation thats been sitting under your nose your entire life? The humble KitKat --snap it, share it, dunk it in your tea? Well, you can bake them too for melty, chocolatey warm-wafery goodness.

It's a delicacy already being served up in Japan's KatKat boutique shop, and Nestle's Japanese arm is now even selling the KitKat as a "bakeable" break bite with new packaging, but there's no apparent recipe change -- your standard KitKat is ready for a-cookin'.

It's a bit of a dangerous dish to make though -- the baking KitKat packaging suggests cooking each bar for two and a half minutes (preferably in a 1000w toaster). And at such high temperatures the oil in the chocolate can cause the KitKat to combust -- like in the image below. But if you're a daredevil diner that wants to revamp your KitKat-eating experience, you know what to do. [Kotaku]