Lobster Patty in a Mac & Cheese Bun and Other Extraordinary Burgers

By Jesus Diaz on at

Pornburger is a new site that will make you crave a deliciously outlandish burger. I want every one of these culinary creations. I want to stuff my face with them, I want to bathe in them, I want to fall into a food coma with them in my bloodstream.

The one I really want to have right now is the My Bloody Valentine: "a lamb heart tartare, with an ocean-fresh sardine aioli, earthy beet chips, creamy quail egg, trout roe, and herb salad. Cupid might be an "ass man," but I aim for the heart." I'm so making this.


Lobster with Mac & Cheese Bun


Venison Patty


Classic Lumberjack Breakfast


Lamb Heart Tartare Topped with Trout Roe


Beef Patty on Shrimp Toast


Duck Confit Delight