London Trialling "Intelligent" Pedestrian Crossings to Protect Dawdling Tourists

By Gary Cutlack on at

Transport for London has announced a plan to launch a new form of pedestrian crossing in the city, with the Pedestrian Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique using cameras to count how many people are waiting to cross and adjusting its timings accordingly.

According to TfL, the Pedestrian SCOOT system will be empowered to control the red lights at crossings, giving the scrum longer to cross the road if needed. Car drivers will be over the moon at the development of a "call cancel" option for future installation at these smart crossings, one that will apparently be sentient enough to decide whether the person who pressed the crossing button jumped across on their own before traffic was stopped or wandered off in a different direction, allowing the system to override the stop request and keep traffic flowing.

TfL's Leon Daniels said of the crossings of the future: "These new trials of pedestrian detection technology will allow our traffic signals to become even more intelligent, bringing huge benefits to those waiting to cross the road where there is heavy pedestrian demand." [TfL]

Image credit: Pedestrian crossing from Shutterstock