Maybe Jesus Had One of These Water-Into-Wine Miracle Machines

By Gerald Lynch on at

These days, it takes more than just faith to turn water into wine. To be honest, regardless of what the Bible says, it's probably always taken more than just faith, from the right sort of grapes to the machinery to properly carry out the fermentation process. But producing your own bottle of Merlot may be about to get a whole let easier, thanks to the aptly-named Miracle Machine.

Invented by a pair of wine lovers, you fill the Miracle Machine with a mixture of water and ingredients including grape concentrate, yeast and flavoured finishing powder (adding that oak-y, aged taste), switch it on and let it do its thing for a few days. When you come back, it's all miraculously been turned into your own homemade wine. A partner app lets you select and buy ingredients for a number of different wine styles and tastes, while the whole production process can also be tracked, stage-by-stage, with the application.

Of course, when you can get a pretty decent bottle of wine for about a tenner, the $499 (£300) outlay for the machine itself feels pretty steep. That's before you've bought all the ingredients for each batch too, remember. Still, if you know someone partial to a glass of Blue Nun that also has a messiah complex, this could be Christmas for them sorted. [The Miracle Machine]