Microsoft Appeal to Users' Honour as Office for iPad Loophole is Found

By Tom Pritchard on at

You may have noticed that an iPad version of Microsoft Office was released on Thursday, which was a massive improvement on the iPhone version since you can use basic features without a £100 Office 365 subscription. Well now it turns out that with a bit of fiddling you can access more than the basic features without a subscription. Get in!

Ok you can't quite manage without a subscription, you still need access to an Office 365 account to sort the whole thing out. The loophole is simple: log into one of the apps with an Office 365 account, and you'll find that your device is authenticated to access the full version of all Office apps indefinitely. At the moment there isn't a limit on how many times a single account can do this, so there's bound to be a good Samaritan, or two, who distributes their log-in online.

Microsoft obviously don't want you getting away with not paying for their products, but it turns there won't be any measures to stop people from taking advantage of the loophole. Instead, Microsoft is very nicely asking customers to pay for a subscription anyway. Though if you are planning on cheating one of the richest companies in the world out of £100 a year (and I don't blame you), I'd hurry up and do it before Microsoft has chance to release a patch. [CNet]