Miserable Winter May Trigger UK "Cider Drought"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Get the pints queued up, as there might be a run on that nice kind of apple juice that's so easy to glug down. The National Association of Cider Makers suggests brewers may struggle to find enough apples this year, after the wet winter over saturated many of the apple trees used to create the brew.

It may be a PR stunt designed to get us all drunk on apples this lunchtime, though, as it won't be until the apple trees begin to blossom in late spring and early summer that we'll know for sure if any have been overly watered beyond repair. Some may die, others may refuse to blossom, thanks to the battering they've had over the winter months.

Paul Bartlett, chairman of the NACM, is reported to have told the Bristol Post: "We hope for the best though recognise that the potential impact could seriously affect the income of growers this season and for several years to come." [Independent]

Image credit: Apple trees from Shutterstock