Mobile Multi-Tasking Made Easy With the Nokia Lumia 1520

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Picture the scene: A tube strike has stolen your morning, your laptop is flat out of battery and you're stranded far from your desk, far from the files, folders and tools that'd make mincemeat of your looming deadlines. You're already battling against the whims of the gods, you don't need to be battling your tech too. You need a big-screened, powerful smartphone fighting your corner. Enter the Nokia Lumia 1520.

Running Windows Phone 8 on a 6-inch full HD display, the Lumia 1520 is ideal for getting work done on-the-go, being easy to read even if held at arms length while desperately flagging down a cab. Syncing up with Windows 8 desktop machines, Office integration and OneDrive cloud storage means that no matter where you are, or what the circumstances, you can get to the files you need at any time, and edit them comfortably on a generous screen.

Pulling in and merging details from Outlook, Skype, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, the Lumia 1520 puts all your important people just a tap and a swipe away, regardless of their preferred contact method. Edit up a document so that it's good to go and it can be sent direct to its intended VIP, while the smartphone's Data Sense tracker will make sure you're not eating too far into a pricey data package.

If the mountain of work has been conquered, but the calls keep on coming in, flipping the phone over while it is ringing automatically puts it on silent, letting you chill out after a hard-won day. That'll also reveal the rear-mounted 20MP PureView camera, an advanced imaging system unique to Nokia devices -- perfect for capturing that smile you've just noticed stretching out over your face, eh?

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