New PayPal App Could See the End of the Great British Queue

By Tom Pritchard on at

We Brits may not be global powerhouses in sport, technology, or even culture, but dammit we know how to bloody well queue. As anyone who has been stuck behind a tourist on a Tube station escalator knows full well, it's the one thing we do better than anyone else -- even if we do grumble at the wait. But thanks to PayPal, the demise of the great British queue may be within our grasp.

PayPal has developed an app that will let people pre-order goods and services and arrange to collect them at a set time. Pretty handy eh? The app is being trialled with takeaways at restaurant chain Wagamama, before rolling out to over 2,000 restaurants and shops nationwide. As a preventative measure against fraud, the release of the as-of-yet-unnamed app will coincide with an expansion of PayPal's 'pay by picture' service, which presents businesses with a picture of the account owner.

So next time you want an iced mocha on the way to work you might not have to leave five minutes earlier to avoid being late. Unless, of course, your order gets delayed thanks to a punter who believes his coffee is two degrees too hot for their fragile mouth. [The Telegraph]