Not Lovin' It: McDonald's Receipt Tattoo Must be the Worst Ink Ever

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's a new challenger for the coveted title of "Worst Tattoo of All Time, Ever". Introducing the McTattoo, good to go with a Big Mac, fries and a side-order of stupid.

Set to adorn the arm of Norwegian teen Stian Ytterdahl for all eternity (or at least until he's saved up enough for laser removal), he's had an entire McDonald's receipt tattooed onto his right forearm as the forfeit of a bet thanks to his womanising ways.

A toss up between getting a Barbie doll inked on his arse or the McDonald's dare, Ytterdahl opted for the lengthy receipt, which includes three cheeseburgers and a "non-stop" McFlurry.

"He's been a man-whore so he deserves to be punished," Ytterdahl's pal told Rb.No. Time to get some new friends, I'd say. Still, he'll never want for work -- that's got to be a fast track to a burger-flipping McJob for life, right? [Rb.No, Metro]