NSA Can Record EVERY Phone Call Made in One Mystery Non-US Country

By Gary Cutlack on at

The NSA revelations are getting crazier by the week, with new leaks from Edward Snowden's Dropbox Folder of Doom revealing that the US security service claims it can RECORD every call made in one unnamed overseas country.

The system, which the NSA refers to as Mystic, apparently features the ability to buffer every voice call made inside the nation too, letting security staff rifle through the last month of recorded calls. The system's built around a "retrospective retrieval" tool the agency refers to as Retro, which was initiated in 2009 and was able to eavesdrop on and log the calls of an entire nation by 2011.

If the nation in question is the Vatican, it's not so impressive. But if it's France or the UK the US can buffer and replay at will, there's some serious bandwidth being put to use recording our calls for much more than training purposes. [Washington Post via BBC]

Image credit: Tape recorder from Shutterstock