Oh Hey, are They UK Versions of Kotaku and Lifehacker I Spy?

By Kat Hannaford on at

They are indeed. Along with a redesigned (and fully-responsive) Giz UK coming in the following weeks, we're chomping at the bit to tell you all about Kotaku and Lifehacker UK, which will be launching next month.

Just over two years since Giz UK launched successfully here at parent company Future (home to the UK's largest tech family, which includes T3 and TechRadar, and one of the largest games portfolios which spans everything from Edge to CVG), it's time to bring gaming site Kotaku and business tech-and-productivity site Lifehacker to home soil too.

Kotaku UK will be edited by the hugely irrepressible Keza MacDonald, who you may know as the former IGN UK Games Editor and mainstream media's favoured talking head when it comes to gaming. Join her 20k+ Twitter followers here.

Meanwhile, Lifehacker UK will be steered by Bath-dwelling editor Dan Grabham, currently Associate Editor of TechRadar, who has years of tech experience under his belt. He's a hugely patient character, so should be a dab hand at creating the kind of life and tech guides Lifehacker's known for. Follow him on Twitter here.

We can't wait to show you our two new babies and introduce you to the rest of the teams when the time comes. If you have any questions in the meantime, do pop them below. Don't get too cosy in that comment field, though -- along with fresh new looks, Giz, Kotaku and Lifehacker UK will all be overhauled with the Disqus commenting system. (Yes, that includes the editable comments you've all been nagging me for...sigh.)