Ovivo Mobile Shuts Down Citing "Reasons Beyond Our Control"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ovivo, the mobile virtual network operator that allowed its users access to Vodafone's network at no monthly cost in exchange for advertising views, has shut down.

Funded by adverts, its customers were required to watch promotional materials every ten minutes in order to access data services without charge. The sudden closure, announced on Wednesday evening, has caused an outcry from the network's 50,000-strong userbase, with some claiming that they were allowed to make purchases and top up credit through the service as late as Wednesday afternoon.

Ovivo blames "reasons beyond its control" for the sudden end of its business, having operated for two years. While users can no longer access their accounts or retrieve unused credit, a form on the Ovivo website will allow users to access their PAC code and retain their mobile number when jumping over to a new network operator. [Rory Cellan-Jones (Twitter), BBC]