Panasonic Has a 4K Action Camera and it is Rather Strange

By Mario Aguilar on at

Panasonic has officially announced the HX-A500 wearable action camera, the real-world version of the prototype we saw back at CES. It's dustproof, waterproof down to three metres, and it straps to your head like some weird kind of Universal Soldier head piece.

The HX-A500 shoots 4K footage at 25fps. Additionally, the camera can handle 1920 x 1080 Full HD footage at 50fps and 848 x 480 at 200fps. It weigh 30 grams and comes with all manner of accessories for mounting the thing to your head or body. (We haven't seen the official release, so we're pulling from here, for the time being.)

From a design perspective, the HX-A500 looks a lot like the existing HX-A100. And though appearances aren't the most important thing—image quality is—we can't help but giggle a little at how this thing looks strapped to your dome.

The HX-A500 will reportedly be available in June for €449 (£375). That is very expensive for an action camera, even if it does shoot 4K. []