Pen Shortage Causing Slagging Matches at Irish Police Station

By Gary Cutlack on at

It has been kicking off in the Henry Street garda station in Limerick, where a shortage of pens behind the counter has led to angry encounters with members of the public. Local police are turning people away and asking them to return with their own pens to sign paperwork, which is causing angry low-grade criminals to get even angrier.

According to the Irish Independent, several cases of pen-related violence have already been put before the courts, with a Judge Eugene O'Kelly saying in court that: "It's not acceptable that people, who are coming in to sign on in compliance with their bail, are being told to go away and return with their own biro."

Incredibly, the judge said that if the local pen nightmare isn't resolved he may consider not bothering to issue court orders in which criminals are required to sign on at the police station. [Irish Independent via The Register]

Image credit: Pens from Shutterstock