Philips Cuts the Colours for New White Light Hue Lux Smart Bulbs

By Gerald Lynch on at

Now facing competition from Samsung and LG's own smart lighting systems, its back to basics for the Philips Hue range. The company has today revealed its new Hue Lux bulbs, which dial back the rainbow colour options in favour of a single white glow.

The LED bulbs are otherwise identical in terms of functionality to the rest of the Hue line. Connecting over Wi-Fi and controllable through an official app (as well as a growing number of third party offerings), you can remotely adjust the intensity of each bulb's brightness from anywhere in the world. 

Launching alongside the Hue Lux is the Hue Tap physical light switch. Using kinetic power (the transferred energy from the taps of your fingertips), it'll let you control the Hue lighting system, and won't require any separate power supply. Its four buttons can also be configured to trigger your custom Hue "scene" lighting conditions.

Hue Lux bulb starter kits will hit stores after the summer, priced £89.99 for a pack of two and a Hue Bridge, which plugs into your router and enables communications between the bulbs and Hue smartphone apps. Individual bulbs will be priced at £29.99. The Hue Tap will land at a similar time, priced at £49.99.