Philips Turns Entire Ceilings Into One Huge Expanse of Light

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Philips has been making light bulbs for as long as anyone can remember, but the company may have have brought about the obsolescence of the bulb with its new OneSpace illuminated panels, which promise to make entire ceilings glow to light up a room.

Instead of using electroluminescent technology (the same stuff that powers those glowing t-shirts you can buy) the light from OneSpace panels is actually produced by a series of LEDs that are diffused by fabrics to produce a soft uniform glow. And while they'll be able to produce pure white light, making them ideal for dealerships and car showrooms, warmer options will also be available for shops and even hotels.

Philips Says "Screw It," Turns Entire Ceilings Into Giant Lights

The panels will be available in sizes up to 3 by 10 metres, which is more than large enough to illuminate most rooms. And presumably they can be linked and arranged side-by-side to accommodate larger spaces as well. While they eliminate the need for ugly lighting fixtures, installation appears to require the addition of a dropped ceiling, which is expensive and will reduce the headroom in a space. The effect will probably be similar to installing ceiling tiles in a given space—just much less hideous. [Philips via Gizmag]