Photowall for Google Chromecast Lets You Deface Your Mates on TV

By Gerald Lynch on at

Now that we've finally got the damn thing, Google's today pushing out a brand new Chromecast app. Photowall is a free collaborative photo sharing application that lets you beam pictures to the Wi-Fi TV streaming dongle.

Together, users can create a collage of images, throwing snaps from their phones direct to the TV. With the app installed, couch-bound photo sharers can also pull out their digital marker pens (their fingertips) and scribble away on each photo before casting it to Google's device. However, a smartphone with the app installed is not required to take part -- a web app is also available for those that want to upload snaps from a computer. The collage can then be turned into a montage clip and exported to YouTube.

Unusually, Photowall has launched first for Apple's iOS devices. Presumably an Android version is also waiting in the wings. [App Store]