Please Don't Let This Bananaman Movie Tease be a Hoax

By Gerald Lynch on at

For readers of a certain age, there's only ever been one superhero worth getting excited about. That superhero is Bananaman -- recently endorsed by Stephen Hawking himself. And it may be time to get excited about the possibility that he's getting his own film.

Now, the details so far are admittedly slim -- there's a teaser website that launched today (after being registered last year), stating a 2015 release date, linking Elstree Studios and Bananaman's first publishers DC Thompson to the project, and urging fans to tweet #peelthepower to anyone whose childhood spanned the 1980s. And that's about it. There's been no official announcement yet, which has lead some to speculate that this may all be a heartbreaking hoax. I'll be first in line with a pitchfork to track down the pranksters if that ends up being the case.

Bananaman began life as a comic strip in the Nutty comic back in 1980, before finding its long term home at The Dandy and eventually becoming a cartoon TV show. It revolved around Eric Wimp (later renamed Eric Twinge) a geeky kid who gained superhuman powers every time he ate a banana. It was more effective in getting kids to eat fruit (well, bananas at least) than any "five-a-day" nonsense since has ever been. [Bananaman Official Movie Site]

Cheers for the tip, Kev!