PM Promises to Free Up White Space for "Internet of Things" and Invest in 5G Development

By Gary Cutlack on at

David Cameron has used a speech at CeBIT 2014 to talk about the "Internet of Things," suggesting that with Ofcom freeing up more parts of the UK's spectrum for commercial use our economy could benefit to the tune of £100bn by the year 2025.

Cameron also claimed that the UK and Germany are pioneering the tech that may eventually arrive under the 5G banner, telling conference attendees that a team from Germany's University of Dresden is working alongside nerds from King’s College University and the University of Surrey to co-develop a working 5G option. Whether it'll be adopted is another question.

Announcing a plan to stick an extra £45m into a kitty to help developer the so-called Internet of Things and the white space spectrum it could utilise, Cameron listed the possible benefits of a wired world, falling back on the old internet fridge cliche, suggesting that our 5G future may involve "a fridge that can order you milk when it notices you are getting low."

LG will be delighted. [CeBIT 2014 via Guardian]