Animal Protein Added to Smoking/Salt/Sugar/Fat/Carbs Early Death List

By Gary Cutlack on at

Feeling smug about eating a high-protein diet? Too bad, you may still die young like the rest of the carb-bloated population, with researchers suggesting a diet loaded with animal protein can increase the likelihood of developing serious diseases to a similar level to that seen in smokers.

While it's no surprise that eating layered meat and fat and carbohydrates is not an entirely clever thing to do, this new research suggests that everything from meat to cheese and other dairy foods are also capable of causing our bodies long-term harm.

The study trackedĀ 6,381 people over 50, finding thatĀ people under 65 who eat lots of milk, cheese, eggs and meat have a fourfold increase in the likelihood of dying from cancer or diabetes, plus twice the risk of dying from other health issues. The good-ish news is that a high-proten diet seemed to protect people once they hit old age, plus protein from plant sources isn't anything like as deadly.

So it turns out we can only eat lentils. All the nice stuff makes us die. 1,000 years from now Earth will be entirely populated by extremely old vegans feeling extremely vindicated. [Guardian]

Image credit: Meat and cheese from Shutterstock