'Ratzilla': Pest Controllers Use Oversized Trap to Catch Giant Rat

By Gerald Lynch on at

You're never more than six feet away from a rat, according to urban legend. True or not, that claim is about to become frankly terrifying once you've seen Stockholm's gigantic  "Ratzilla".

Measuring 40cm (nearly 16 inches -- and that's not even including its tail!), the mammoth rodent is thought to have chewed through wood and CEMENT in order to enter and take up residence in the kitchen of a family in the Solna region. With even the family's cat too scared to enter the kitchen while the rat was on the prowl, pest controllers were called. And even then a special oversized trap was required to fell the beast. With sheep-sized rats apparently the future of rat evolution, Ratzilla may be a glimpse at the future of what pest controllers will need to face. I'd start buying up those RentoKil shares. [BBC]