Razer's Project Kazuyo Leaks, Showing an iOS 7 Controller and App Combo

By Gary Cutlack on at

This curvy rubberised thing is Project Kazuyo, an unannounced iOS 7 gaming attachment from PC specialist Razer. The controller features the usual bewildering number of game console pad buttons, which the accompanying app will let users map as they see fit.

Pressure sensitive buttons allow for "more diverse gameplay" according to Razer, although that'll be dependent on developers knowing about it and bothering to implement it. It's designed to also function as a protective case, the inference being iPhone users won't mind having their pride & joy permanently encased in such a big black lump in return for escaping the hell of on-screen game buttons.

The app, meanwhile, features its own shopping area, from which users can buy from any developers on-message enough to support the controller's many buttons. [Mac Format]