Remember That Time John Terry Won an Oscar? The Inevitable Ellen Selfie Meme Onslaught Begins

By Gerald Lynch on at

When Ellen Degeneres posted the most retweeted tweet (let alone selfie) of all time last night, you could be sure that John Terry would want in on the action. Or at least, someone with rudimentary Photoshopping skills would make sure the glory-hunting Chelsea defender got in there with the Oscar elite somehow, anyhow.

And so, with Ellen Degeneres's 2,524,600 (and counting!) selfie tearing up Twitter records, here's the pick of the inevitable Photoshop reworks that have followed in its wake.

This is the closest Nicolas Cage has come to an Oscar for some time. Maybe just put this forward in the Short Film category next year?

Another classic entry into the "John Terry: Glory Hunter" meme pantheon.

What's more terrifying: A clone army of Kevin Spaceys, or...

...enough Ellen Degeneres replicas to start a five-a-side football team?

Much opportune Photoshopping from the Doge team.


And to think we have Hangover trilogy star Bradley Manning to thank for it all. Or at least that's what the Guardian would have you believe, mistaking Hollywood's Bradley Cooper for whistleblowing Bradley Manning, now Chelsea Manning.

And there are plenty more where these came from. Enjoy them while you can -- you'll be sick of seeing these everyday for the foreseeable future soon enough. Feel free to throw links to the best you've seen into the comments section below.