Report: An 8GB iPhone 5C Launches Tomorrow

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's (not-so) cheap iPhone 5C will become a little more affordable tomorrow, dialing back the amount of storage space on offer and coming in at a suitably lowered price point, if an O2 leak is to be believed.

Speaking to TechRadar, an anonymous member of O2's staff claims that Apple will be selling an 8GB version of the plastic-backed iPhone starting tomorrow, becoming the smallest (in terms of storage capacity) in a line that previously started at 16GB.

The news corroborates with an earlier report from O2 Germany, which stated that the new iPhone 5C would land at 60 Euros cheaper than the 16GB edition. If such prices prove true (and translate accordingly into Pounds Sterling), you could expect to see an 8GB iPhone 5C in shops for about £420, SIM free, making it the cheapest iPhone available by some margin.

With many manufacturers turning their attentions to emerging markets -- the very markets the 5C was intended to attract, and has had little success in doing -- it would be an understandable move from Apple. We'll keep you posted if we hear anything official come in. [TechRadar]