Rumour: Apple is Working on a 12-inch Fanless MacBook

By Tom Pritchard on at

According to a forum poster on, Apple is planning on releasing a new 12-inch laptop as an alternative to the current 11.3- and 11.6-inch MacBook Air models.

A new screen on its own is nothing to get excited about, but here's the clincher: the new model will reportedly feature an updated trackpad that doesn't have a mechanical button, and won't have a built-in fan assembly. While the latter function may seem bizarre, the poster in question does have a history of leaking fairly accurate information. If it's true, and Apple has developed a fanless laptop that doesn't overheat, then we could see revolution in silent running laptops. Hurray!

There's extra (grim) news for the Apple fans out there, the leak also includes a claim that the much-anticipated iWatch is only in the prototype stage and won't be arriving anytime soon. [TechRadar]