Rumour: iPhone 6 May Have Environment Sensors to Tell You When You're Too Hot

By Gary Cutlack on at

Speculation from a tech industry analyst suggests Apple may be planning to whack several more sensors into its next generation of mobile, with sources claiming we may see temperature, humidity and pressure hardware in a future iPhone. You'll be able to see what the weather's like outside without breaking eye contact with your device.

The wild speculation comes via Chinese analyst Sun Chang Xu, who guesstimates the new local weather tech will come to the next Apple model. She's previously suggested we'll see heart and blood oxygen sensors in Apple's mythical smartwatch, so either has some sort of inside line, a good psychic, or is partial to doing a bit of guessing to get the internet excited.

Although, with Google moving into the home thermostat industry, perhaps Apple has decided it needs to start telling people when they're too hot and should take their jumpers off to compete? [Mac Rumours]