Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Face Launch Delays as Factory is Hit by Fire

By Gerald Lynch on at

A six-hour fire requiring the efforts of some 300 firefighters broke out yesterday at a South Korean factory responsible in part for the manufacturing of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Starting at around 7am local time, the blaze part of the factory in Anseong where circuit boards for the company's handsets are made. A significant fire, the damage done is estimated to have cost around $1 billion.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 handset launched at last month's Mobile World Congress conference, and is expected to launch in April (perhaps as early as the 11th in the UK according to some reports). The Anseong plant was not the sole location responsible for PCB production, and so major territories are unlikely to see delays caused by the fire. However, it's thought that those looking for a Galaxy S5 beyond Samsung's main consumer markets may have an extended wait on their hands, while all territories are likely to face reduced initial stock of the handset while the damaged components are made up for. [Asia News Agency via International Business Times]