Samsung Galaxy S5 Receives First Rave Review

By Tom Pritchard on at

Now we haven't got any clues as to how the guys over at Recombu managed to get their hands on a review unit so early, but here it is -- the first of the numerous Samsung Galaxy S5 reviews.

Despite the familiar look to the S4, Recombu found that the design was actually very reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 3, and looks far more mature than its predecessor the Galaxy S4. Despite that, it still feels comfortable and light-weight (remember, it's 145 grams), with Recombu claiming the AMOLED screen packs some serious colour (Samsung has a habit of turning up the colour saturation on its screens), and that actually, it's the best AMOLED smartphone currently available. The website had very nice things to say about the camera, commenting on the fast shutter speed (almost as fast as the iPhone 5S) and the crisp detail that the 16MP camera produced.

It also appears Samsung's OS overhaul is significantly cleaner, tidier, and faster than is has been on past models. Recombu specifically mentions that the S5 performs admirably, unlike the S4 which had a tendency to judder when the processor was being overworked. The "Ultimate Power Saver" mode reduces your phone to a single black-and-white screen with very limited functions, web browsing is thankfully still allowed. This shouldn't be necessary that often, as Recombu found the battery life lasts about a day and a half -- similar to the S3 -- even when the testers pushed it through some gruelling stuff.

So there you have it folks, the first review of the Galaxy S5. No doubt more will be coming very soon. [Recombu]