Samsung Patents AR Finger Keyboard for "Gear Glass" Wearable Tech

By Gary Cutlack on at

A patent for a complex augmented reality input system has been filed by Samsung, one that would replace the Google Glass style of vocal input with a text entry system activated by staring at your hands and wiggling your fingers about.

The actual patent [PDF] is described as offering an "Input method and apparatus of portable device," with Samsung's legal team looking to make some sort of visual keyboard. While no mention is made of a Galaxy Glass or Gear Glass or whatever Samsung's inevitable Google Glass clone may be called, it's pretty clear from the illustrations that the system is designed to be a visual overlay seen through a pair of glasses.

Imagine looking at your fingers. Imagine you've drawn letters on them in a fit of boredom. Now imagine typing with your thumb. I'm imagining it right now and it works, and is certainly much better than talking to yourself in public to make things happen. [Wipo via Galaxy Club]