Samsung Wants to Fill Your Clown Pockets With a 21:9 Super-Wide Smartphone

By Gerald Lynch on at

A newly uncovered patent suggests that Samsung is exploring the potential of a super-wide, 21:9 inch smartphone. Would this be a mobile-movie watcher's dream smartphone?

That seems to be the intention. Mirroring a cinematic ratio (albeit in a pocketable size, you'd imagine) the patent also seems to reveal a speaker grille that wraps around the full edge of the screen.

As ever, a patent does not indicate an actual product being in development. But this wouldn't be the first time a 21:9 phone has launched. Remember LG's BL40 New Chocolate handset? It somewhat-inevitably flopped back in 2009 upon its release, but in a world far more comfortable with mobile video, could a new stab by Samsung prove more successful?

The problem, of course, lies with apps. Even if Samsung tweaks its UI to compensate for the display's extra length, how many third-party app developers will be bothered to follow suit for what's certainly to be a niche product? You'd be left with a choice between unsightly black bars around app screens, or equally ugly stretching. Apple's App Store developers had a similar problem when the iPhone 5 launched with an extended display, but they benefited from a unified, one-manufacturer hardware platform. Android has tens of manufacturers, and few seem interested in 21:9 screen rations, which will likely make development of apps optimised for it unlikely. [TechRadar]