Save £80 on a Samsung Galaxy Phablet With Your "Note 2 be Sniffed at" Deal of the Day

By Mof Gimmers on at

Ever felt like you don't have enough gadgets in your life? Human warmth doesn't thrill you any more, so you need bits of electronics with apps that will distract you from your gnawing self loathing and unswerving hatred? Good news! We've got loads of deals on gadgets which will slam shut your window of despair.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 has been hovering around the £300 mark for a while now, but at Amazon, some bright spark has lopped off £80(ish), which is never to be sniffed at. Get yourself a Galaxy Note 2 for £220.80, brand new and delivered. Click here for the deal.



--Amazon Kindle with Keyboard 4GB Free 3G for £69.99 plus £2.99 postage
--Batman Franchise Weekend upto 75% off at Steam (Arkham Asylum £2.49, Arkham City £4.99, Arkham Origins £7.50, Origins Season Pass £3.74, Lego Batman £2.49, Lego Batman 2 DC Heroes £3.74 plus DLC discounts)
--Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PS Vita for £19.99
--Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on PS4/Xbox One for £19.99
--Blaupunkt 32/147 32-inch HD 720p LED TV With Freeview for £139.00
--Sandisk Ultra Plus 2.5" 128GB SATA 3 SSD for £46.80
--Final Fantasy VII - Steam Code - £3.40
--Xenta Flat 2-metre HDMI Cable with green braided cable FULL HD / UHD - HDMi 1.4a [4K compatible] from Ebuyer, free del. for £2.99
--NZXT Hale Power 90+ 550W '80 Plus Gold' Power Supply £39.95 plus postage £49.55
--4 Disney Blu-rays from Tesco for £27
--(Pre-owned) Knack at GraingerGames down to £14.99

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