Silk Road 2 Caught in Dodgy Dealing of... Tesco Vouchers?

By Tom Pritchard on at

When you hear of Silk Road, your mind probably jumps to things like drug trading and other nefarious criminal activity. But until very recently, it appeared that the most popular items on the resurrected Silk Road were not drugs or guns...they were Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

The offer, which has since been removed, offered buyers £100 worth of Clubcard vouchers for as little as £43. Buyers had been giving the vendor high satisfaction ratings, with many of them taking to online forums to discuss whether or not they can get in trouble, with one person saying, "I'm sure Tesco would notice if someone is ordering all their food with only 50-100 pound vouchers." Another commented that while he was wary of using them online, the vouchers worked in-store without any problems.

When reached out for comment, Tesco claimed to have known about the sale of fraudulent vouchers for several months, and while the matter is being investigated by police, they said that customers will not lose out as a result of fraud.

The fact that shopping vouchers were the most popular item on Silk Road 2 suggests to some that Tor and Deep Web is becoming a more mainstream platform. Then again, it could just be a perfect example of how far people are willing to go to save themselves some cash on the weekly shop. [The Guardian]