Sony's Own VR Tech for PS4 May Appear Next Week

By Gary Cutlack on at

March 17th is the day the Game Developers Conference kicks off in the US, with rumours suggesting Sony may use the event to launch its own take on the Oculus Rift VR technology for its PlayStation4 console.

According to developers quoted by Edge, Sony's VR system is more technically advanced than the Oculus system, no doubt thanks to having the power of a PS4 to hang off and a whole year of advances in mobile displays to add resolution and lower the cost of the unit's screen.

As for games, the sources suggest there's little to show running on Sony's headset right now, although something, albeit perhaps only a tech demo from one of Sony's first-party developer chums, ought to be shown running in a VR style at GDC. The hardware maker's session "Driving the future of innovation" is scheduled for March 18th. [Edge]