Stock Up on Suncream as Killer Heatwave Summers Will Increase

By Gerald Lynch on at

The odd heatwave is treated like the Second Coming in dreary old Britain. But will we welcome blistering summers when they become the norm? A new Met Office report suggests that European summers will swelter as standard come the year 2040.

The 38.5C temperatures of 2003's hottest British heatwave of recent memory will pale in comparison to the projected norms of 2040. Experts predict that half of the summers leading up to that year will be comparable or hotter than that of 2003, which saw a continent wide heatwave linked to the deaths 20,000 people.

But the warmer summers won't necessarily mean we'll just have clear blue skies constantly. The changing climate will facilitate heavier rain downpours too, as warmer air can carry more moisture. So I'll look even more like a lobster come July then -- both burnt scorchingly red and totally soaked through to boot. [Independent]

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