Surprise Surprise, it Looks Like There's a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini on the Way

By Gerald Lynch on at

With a company pushing out so many product variants that it manages to accidentally leak its own products early, this should come as no shock at all. But if you've a trainspotter-like hobby for ticking off all the flora and fauna of Samsung's mobile output, it's time you started keeping an eye out for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

Sammobile spotted a handset with the model number SM-G870 floating around on Indian import site Zauba. While hardware details are in short supply, Sammobile note that the pricing ratio is very similar to that between last year's S4 and its own eventual S4 Mini variant. The site previously reported that the S5 Mini would land at some point during the summer (likely June) and would sport a Super AMOLED display, running Android 4.4 KitKat.

As for big-bro, full-fat Galaxy S5, the first review scores are starting to trickle in, and it's looking like a winner. Here's hoping Samsung doesn't completely nerf the Mini S5 during the shrinking process, then. [Zauba via Sammobile]