Tackle This 3D-Printed Spherical Rubik's Cube if You Hate Yourself

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you've solved a Rubik's Cube so many times that it no longer offers you a challenge, maybe it's time to try a new shape? The Marusenko Sphere puts 54 spinning and sliding pieces into a globe-shaped puzzle that comes in five different levels of difficulty.

Designed and prototyped using a 3D printer so that the final version required no glue or small parts to assemble, the Marusenko puzzle features nine different directions of movement. And, to increase the difficulty, all that's needed is the addition of extra colors. So the two-toned version is actually the easiest—relatively speaking—while the hardest introduces eight different colors for you to grapple with.

Tackle This 3D-Printed Spherical Rubik's Cube If You Hate Yourself

But no matter the difficulty, across the board they all sell for £20, so you don't have to pay more to pull your hair out. [Marusenko Sphere via The Creators Project]