The Best of Giz This Week

By Kat Hannaford on at

The past seven days saw even more shit hit the fan between Russia and Ukraine; BBC3 sadly axed; Paralympian Oscar Pistorius go on trial, plus far too much commentary around Ellen's Oscars selfie (was it a selfie? Really?). It also saw the following most-read stories on Giz UK:

The Gadgets You Should Buy in 2014
Here's the stuff that will probably warrant your attention in the next twelve months. Read More >>

The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps
Our weekly round-up of the hottest apps on the three main platforms. (Suck it, BlackBerry!) Read More >>

Norway's Lovely Memorial to the Worst Mass Shooting in Modern History
It's been almost three years since a gunman detonated a bomb at an Oslo train station and then stormed a small summer camp off the coast of Norway, killing 77 people and cementing a record as the worst mass shooting in modern memory. This month, the country revealed its beautiful plans for a memorial. Read More >>

Pizza Hut's Cheeseburger Pizza is Back, But That's Not the Worst They've Ever Served Up
The culinary world has been set aflame with The Guardian's food critic Jay Rayner ditching the Michelin-starred restaurants this week, in favour of reviewing Pizza Hut's 2,880-calorie cheeseburger crust pizza, relaunched after a brief stint on our shores last summer. It's not the first time Pizza Hut's disgusted wowed us with bonkers creations, however. Read More >>

Ten of the Coolest Cars to Come Out of the Geneva Motor Show
Last week, over in the land of triangle-shaped chocolate, supercolliders and neutrality, the Geneva Motor Show took place, with some seriously nice cars on display that demand a lusting. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S5 Receives First Rave Review
Now we haven't got any clues as to how the guys over at Recombu managed to get their hands on a review unit so early, but here it is -- the first of the numerous Samsung Galaxy S5 reviews. Read More >>

David Cameron's Serious Obama Call Gets the Twitter Parody Treatment
The mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia is serious business, and world leaders are understandably concerned as to what repercussions Russia's act of aggression in the region will lead to. Lengthy, serious phone calls will be had -- but do we really need a photo of a politician's "serious face" to highlight that? Read More >>

Everything We Know So Far About the 2014 HTC One...Two (M8)
HTC's saving its big guns for its own super-secret March 25th unveiling. But what will be revealed as 2014's flagship HTC smartphone? The HTC Here are the whispers we've heard about the forthcoming sequel to last year's best Android phone. Read More >>