The House of Commons Will Let Meryl Streep Film Her New Movie in its Chambers

By Gerald Lynch on at

A new Meryl Streep movie production will be afforded a rare privilege next month, becoming the first commercial crew to be allowed to film within the House of Commons. The Iron Lady star should feel right at home.

It's a new scheme arranged by Parliamentary authorities intended to pump a bit of extra cash into the Palace of Westminster, and it's thought that this will be the first of many occasions in which the Commons' chambers will be used by film crews. Filming will only be allowed whilst MPs are absent however, and the debating chamber itself will remain off limits, so no chance of William Hague's noggin wandering into shot. As for the film itself, it sounds quite fitting. Suffragette will star Streep, Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter, centred around one fictional woman's fight to be given the vote, framed by the Suffragette movement. [Yahoo]