The HTC One (M8) Leak-Fest Continues with a 14 Minute Video Hands-On

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's not set to be officially revealed by HTC until tomorrow afternoon, but if you can't manage to wait another day to find out all there is to know about 2014's HTC One, AKA the M8, look no further than this video. At 14 minutes long, it apparently lays bare every aspect of the unreleased phone.

Posted by YouTuber Hans Meyer, it appears to show off the oft-leaked device, letting us take a good look at its dual-camera lenses, microSD card support and Sense 6.0 UI features, such as gesture unlocks. There's a German voice-over with the video, but it's as good a look at the device as we've had yet.

If you'd prefer to wait for all the confirmed details, we'll be heading down to HTC's press event at 3pm tomorrow, where we'll be able to confirm much of what we believe at this point to already know. [YouTube via Android Police]