The New HTC One's Dual Camera System Gets Ready for its Close-Up

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've seen it from practically every angle ahead of its March 25th official unveiling, so it's only natural that we're now into close-up leak territory. Twitter tech spy EvLeaks has just popped this detailed look at the "HTC M8 cameras" online. Yep, cameras plural.

We've known for a while that the HTC will likely come with two camera sensors on its rear. Though the exact specifications are yet to be revealed, even HTC itself has been teasing the inclusion, telling the world its new smartphone will make life "twice as beautiful".

While it's still not certain exactly what purpose the dual camera array will serve, there are plenty of reasonable theories. A second sensor could boost low-light performance -- though that in itself wouldn't be much of a headlining spec. More likely is the possibility that the second sensor will allow for users to tweak an image's depth of field effect (like the Lytro cameras), allowing users to selectively focus or defocus background elements direct from the camera app.

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