The Pope Accidentally Kind-Of, Sort-Of, Said the Word 'Fuck' During a Blessing

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Pope is supposed to be God's mouthpiece on Earth. So either the man upstairs has a pretty good sense of humour, or somebody needs to wash Pope Francis's mouth out with soapy water.

Giving a blessing in St Peter's Square, Pope Francis managed to drop the F-bomb when speaking Italian for the multi-national crowd gathered to hear him. As is clearly audible in the video above, Pope Francis lets slip the word "cazzo", the Italian for "dick" or "cock", used often in Italian in place of the curse word "fuck". In Francis's defence, his first language is Spanish, and it's very close to the Italian word for case too ("caso"). And, like a true pro, Francis corrects himself without even batting an eye-lid. After a recovery like that, I reckon St Peter can let this one slip by once the pontiff reaches the Pearly Gates. [Daily Mail via Gawker]