The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Trains are uncomfortable and expensive contraptions, aren't they? This week I managed to nab myself a first class upgrade for £1.80 which I thought was great, but first class isn't all it's cracked up to be. The most disappointing thing was the free snack box in times gone by you would be given a mini picnic. This time there wasn't even any cheese! So here I am, grumpy and sans-cheese, writing up this weeks list:


iPhone Apps

Flying Yeezus: Kanye West is everywhere these days, so it's no surprise that he now has his own Flappy Bird clone. The game play is exactly the same: guide a floating apparition of Kanye's head through the pillars and get the highest score possible. [Free]

Viadot London: Designed for newcomers to our nation's capital, Viadot is an interactive guide that aims to help you make the most of your time in London. With events, deals, and info on the local sites, it's a perfect way to help you find your way around. The new update now adds hundreds of deals everyday, and an in-app search function lets you find the best places to be. [Free]

Medium - Everyone's Stories: Medium is a publishing platform designed to be a simple way to access and share stories, and hundreds of people publish their stories and opinions every day. With Twitter integration, a personalised reading list, and an easy-to-use interface, it's a great way to diversify your reading material. [Free]

Race for Life: Handy for those of you who might want to take part in Race for Life, the app will keep track of everything you need, with news, fundraising tips, and a countdown to your event. Raising money for cancer research has never been so easy. [Free]

Tech Block: You're here because you like one thing: Technology. Tech Block will scour the web for the best tech-related content so you never miss out on any great articles or stories. The people behind the app hand-pick all the content, and ensure the content creators get recognition they deserve. Best of all, they're rather fond of indie writers and are happy to take suggestions for new material. [Free]


iPad Apps

Microsoft Word for iPad: This is exactly what you think it is -- a copy of Microsoft Word designed specifically for the iPad. The week also saw the release of Excel and Powerpoint. At face value the apps are pretty much only good for reading the relevant file, but if you have an Office 365 account (or have loopholed your way past the block) you have the entirety of MS Word at your fingertips. [Free -- with subscription]

Photo Books: An app designed to let you order a professional looking book for all of your photos. VStraight from the app you can upload your photos, choose the design (paper, cover, text etc), and layout the photos however you want them. If that last one isn't your thing, then the app does have an autofill function that places the photos in a sensible order. [Free]

Craftsy Classes: A fantastic little app that gives you access to 350 online classes. There are craft based classes like jewellery making, embroidering, or quilting, as well as design based classes like photography painting, and drawing. The new version has been built from the ground up to support the iPad, and has an offline mode so you'll never have to worry about data connection again. [Free]

Incredible Numbers: An app from author Professor Ian Stewart, that looks into the incredible world of numbers. Whether it's the numbers present in nature, music, or even shoe laces, it's a nice way to understand the maths that makes up the world. There are article, puzzles, and interactive sessions, so even Arithmophobes can enjoy themselves. [£2.99]

Mobile Family Tree 7: Having a family tree available might not be one of the first things you think of when trying to decide to buy an iPad, but it makes some sense. Mobile Family Tree has no need for a PC or Mac to be involved, and a simplistic design makes it easy to craft your own family history in the palm of your hand. The new version is completely revamped for iOS 7, with AirPlay integration, and an interactive tree to make navigation much easier. [£4.99]


Android Apps

Threes:  This one looks rather cool (and frustrating). Threes is a puzzle game that involves moving numbers around a grid and adding them together. There is a twist, however, the sum of the numbers you add has to be a multiple of three. You start off with a one and a two, simple enough, but the pace can pick up very quickly. Give it a go, I predict you'll be addicted very quickly. [£1.20]

2048 Number: An interesting puzzle game, where you are assigned a collection of random numbers and have to merge them to get to 2048. Why 2048? Hell if I know. It definitely sounds like a challenging one, and I can imagine people getting a tad obsessed about reaching the coveted number. [Free]

Pathfinder: Most GPS apps just show you where you're going, with no attention paid to where you've actually gone. Maybe you want to keep track, but don't want the annoyances that come with exercise mappers. Pathfinder does all this, as well as keeping an eye on your speed -- just in case you were interested. An added bonus is that it will save your routes for future reference. So if you went to a new restaurant but can't quite remember the way, Pathfinder is there to help you in your time of need. [Free]

Cut the Rope 2: A true sequel to the popular mobile game, now available on Android. Cut the Rope 2 features over 120 different levels where you try and guide sweets into the mouth of the aptly named 'Om Nom'. With new gameplay elements, this should definitely keep you occupied on your daily commute. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Reddit Now: A fully integrated Reddit app designed specifically for your mobile device. With an intuitive card-based gesture system, it's one of the easiest ways to browse Reddit while on the go. The latest version highlights comments once you've left them, allows you to alter the size of the on-screen text, as well as fixing various annoying bugs. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Plant Guide: A mobile encyclopaedia of the plant world, Plant Guide is a comprehensive guide to all the wonders nature deemed worthy to grow out of the ground (except fungi). Whether you're a outdoors-type and want to learn more about the foliage you see, or if you're just a botany enthusiast -- this is an app for you. [Free]

eHarmony: It's everyone's favourite dating website! No not, I meant eHarmony. Everything that you could possibly do on the eHarmony website is available to you on your Windows Phone. Look at matches, chat, organise dates, whatever you want. It's certainly a lot easier than trying to meet someone in a bar. [Free -- with subscription]

Opera Mini: Opera, the self proclaimed "fastest mobile browser" is readily available on Windows Phone. So if you're tired of the native browser, or Internet Explorer, why not mix things up a bit? Unlike some other third party Opera apps this one has all the functionalities of Opera Mini on Android or iOS -- but with a distinct Windows Phone look. [Free]

iTeldialer Plus: Phone companies can be a tad stingy with their minutes, and should you go over your designated allowance they tend to start acting like a loan shark and start piling on extra fees (believe me I know). VoIP apps like iTeldialer are great ways to get around that, since they send all the signals through the data connection, keeping your minutes in tact. Though be warned, it works on 3G so watch you don't eat up your data allowance. [Free]

gMaps Pro: Windows Phone can be problematic in that you can't always get apps that have been available for years on Android or iOS, Google Maps being one key example. Sure you can use Bing Maps, or Nokia Maps, but if you want to get your directions from Google then you can't go wrong with gMaps Pro. gMaps claims to interpret Google Maps data correctly, and give you an accurate view of yourself and your surroundings. It also has street view and the option to share maps via email and text. [Free]