This App Gives You Easy Access to Your Best Reaction GIFs Anytime

By Leslie Horn on at

There is a perfect GIF for every moment, but spend too much time hunting for it, and the moment is lost. That's why you need GIFwrapped—an iOS app that lets you sync and share your favourite animated GIFs across all your devices.

The app lets you add your own GIFs you have saved on your phone or your iPad to a library within the app. It also has its own search feature that pulls GIFs from all over the internet—GIF-friendly outposts like Giphy, Tumblr, and more—that you can pull into your cadre. For example, a simple query of "deal with it" will deliver you hundreds of applicable animations. You also can connect your Twitter account for easy sharing. And you never missed a perfect punchline via GIF ever again. [iTunes via Lifehacker
via CNET]