This Beefy Trike Will Stop You From Sinking on Snow and Sand

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If you've ever ridden your bike onto a beach or into deep snow, you've probably experienced the joy of then having to walk it back out because it was impossible to ride. But with the recent rise in popularity of fat-tyred bikes that can seemingly float on sand and snow, that's not a problem. Especially with Standard Bearer Machines' new Rungu Juggernaut, which adds a third wheel into the mix.

This Monster Truck Trike Will Stop You From Sinking on Snow and Sand

As far as bikes and trikes go, the Juggernaut sends a message that people should get well out of your way when you come riding through, lest they be crushed under your massive tyres. But the design has other benefits too, like making it easier to ride on soft surfaces since the tyres are less likely to sink and get stuck, and the dual front wheel design provides added stability for keeping balanced.

As Gizmag points out, though, the Juggernaut's two front wheels—which turn together thanks to a clever linkage assembly—might not be ideal for thin forest trails since the twin tyres might actually just straddle the path, leaving you to traverse rough terrain. But if you don't intend to take the Juggernaut out for anything but lazy rides down the beach, that won't be a problem for you.

The starting price of $2,500 (£1,500) might be a problem, but that's the cost of being a biking badass. The Rungu wesbite doesn't make it clear whether they will make the trike available in the UK – hopefully they will, and we can rest assured that we can tackle all of that snow and sand with chunky-tyre ease. [Rungu via Gizmag]