This iPhone Case Can Monitor Your Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Oxygen Levels

By Gerald Lynch on at

From fitness bands to smart bikes, there are more tech-injected ways than ever to track your health. The problem is, most of them require both a smartphone and a separate gadget on your persons in order to track your stats. Cutting the clutter is the Azoi Wello iPhone case, gathering data on a wide range of biometrics and protecting your phone in one neat package.

Equipped with a few powerful multi-purpose sensors, the Wello is capable of tracking blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, blood oxygen, temperature and lung functions, all to a "high level" of accuracy. A user needs merely hold the case in their hands for a few moments to have all the readings transferred to the accompanying Wello app. With the case attached, and the app downloaded, your phone essentially becomes a one-stop health monitoring machine.

If you're the type that's interested in this sort of personal metric tracker, there's a good chance you've already got a range of similar gadgets tracking different fitness-focussed stats. Though Azoi hasn't shared precisely which devices the Wello will work alongside, it promises that a number of other fitness products will be able to share data with the case and app. Heading to the UK this summer, expect to pay around £120 for the Wello case. [Azoi]