This is the Classiest (and Probably Only) Briefcase Barbecue You'll Ever See

By Jordan Kushins on at

Outdoor cookouts can get a little grubby, a little dirty, a little messy—that's part of their charm, for some folks. If, however, you are searching for the classiest damn DIY al fresco dining experience of all time, look no further than this impossibly tidy Mon Oncle barbecue set. It actually comes in a briefcase.

This Is Definitely the Classiest Portable Barbecue You'll Ever See

This is for those times you want to impress the hell out of a date with your skillz on the grillz. Or you have an important business meeting right before a camping trip, with literally no time to swap gear. Open up the fabric satchel once you're out of the boardroom to reveal the sleek stainless steel box where you can heat up your sausages.

Designers RS Barcelona recommend using coconut shell briquettes, which are apparently flameless and give off very little smoke. The side perforations were designed for airflow, "to make it more powerful," and the whole thing is coated in fire-resistant paint in your choice of grey, blue, and green.

This Is Definitely the Classiest Portable Barbecue You'll Ever See

I can't imagine cleaning this well enough to want to put it back in its fabric carry-all, but it sure is pretty. Beauty don't come cheap though—you can buy one for £205. And remember—WWJTD? (What Would Jacques Tati Do?) [My Goodness]