This is the Power Glove Oven Mitt You Want to Buy

By Andrew Liszewski on at

About a year ago we brought news of a Power Glove themed oven mitt that made anyone who grew up playing the NES excited to do some baking. But that version was made of heatproof fabric and while it looked convincing enough, it can't hold a candle—or a hot tray of cookies—to this amazingly detailed silicone Power Glove oven mitt.

Just look at this thing. You get individual flexible fingers, faux cabling, and the wrist-mounted controller which does nothing but look badass here. It of course also lets you handle hot metal pots and baking sheets with ease, and it's completely waterproof which means there's no reason you can't wear this 24/7.

This Is the Power Glove Oven Mitt You Want To Buy

The only catch is that it's currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, so if it doesn't reach its funding goal of $18,000 (£10,889)--(at time of writing they have amassed $4,442 (£2,675)--then no one will be able to get one. So let's all chip in the requisite $39 (£24) to get one (right-handed only for now) so that our time spent in the kitchen can be just a little more awesome. Now you're baking with power. [Indiegogo via Geekologie]