This Sneaky Waste Bin Lid Lures Flies to Their Death

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Just like Romeo and Juliet, flies are tragically destined to crave their one true love: pungent, mouldy, rotten rubbish. And thanks to this ingenious trash can design that traps flies only to have them starve.

Envisioned by designers Chang Shih-hsun and Hung Jui-yuan, the trash can lid's mechanism is delightfully simple. Slits on the bottom of the lid allow an imperceptibly small amount of trash odour to rise up, attracting the flies to the can itself. As soon as flies enter through the outer slits, they'll find themselves trapped in an inner container in which they'll be sentenced to death by starvation. There's even a clear acrylic window that lets make sure every last fly has died before you open the lid—a particularly nice touch for the sadists among us.

This Sneaky Trash Can Lid Lures Flies to Their Death

This Sneaky Trash Can Lid Lures Flies to Their Death

While the lid is still just in concept mode, the duo did win a Red Dot award for their clever fly-killing contraption. And of course, you can always accomplish the same general process with some cider vinegar and a carefully cut piece of cling film. Still, this is a great little way of adding additional functionality to a product we all use in the first place. [Discovery News via Yanko Design]