Three Bins Unlimited Tethering But Makes 0800 Numbers Free to Call

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're eyeing up one of the Three network's attractive The One Plan deals to take advantage of unlimited tethering with unlimited 4G data, you'd do well to start looking at other options. According to Wired, as of today, the company will no longer be offering unlimited tethering packages on new all-you-can-eat data contracts.

First hinted at back during MWC, and now confirmed by Wired, Three will today introduce new contracts with data allowances from 500MB rising to all-you-can-eat, from 50 calling minutes going up to unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts. Those on 500MB, 1GB or 2GB data packages can use the entirety of their data through tethering, but new customers on unlimited data packages will have that tethering allowance capped at 2GB. Expanded tethering allowances will be sold as add ons.

Customers with unlimited tethering as part of their existing contracts will be unaffected, retaining their tethering options, and SIM-only plans should be unaffected too. The One Plan will also no longer be available for contract handset sales.

To soften the blow somewhat, all 0800 calls on the network will now be free of charge. It's likely that the introduction of the free 4G has forced Three's hand here -- unlimited 4G tethering, thanks to the increased speeds, could easily replace a user's standard broadband connection, and would become a big strain on Three's services. [Wired]